Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sassy Subversive Seamsters

I've been poring over Subversive Seamster, a new book by the gals who brought you Sew Subversive. Authors Melissa Alvarado, Hope Meno, and Melissa Rannels co-own the Stitch Lounge in San Francisco and I have to say, I wish I lived closer to the Bay Area so I could drop in. The projects in the book are super-cool, reimagining vintage clothing (for example, turning men's plaid leisure pants into a cute cami or a vinyl tennis racket cover into a checkbook cover).

My favorite part of the book are the first couple of chapters that tell you how to ferret out thrift store finds and how to sew easily and creatively. It's a great resource for every crafter/thrift-store shopper.

I'm even more obsessed with buying a sewing machine.

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stitch lounge said...

Thanks for the shout out! We're glad you like our book! Keep on spreading the sewing gospel...

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