Friday, January 25, 2008

Girl crushes

I've had a lot of girl crushes in my life: Frances McDormand, my best friend Alison, my stuntwoman pal Danielle Burgio. Heck, I'd go gay for Kate Winslet.

But it seems as if I really go ga-ga for crafty girls and I'm currently crushing on Julie McCullough Kim from Make Shop & Studio in Dallas. She commented on a couple of my blog posts and I just had to track her down and shoot her an e-mail. Cyberstalking would be too strong a word. Surprisingly, she's also from Southwestern Michigan, which must explain her quick wit. We started e-mailing furiously and she's already given me great advice on what sewing machine to buy.

Make sounds like an amazing place for all crafters. Rather than a yarn shop or fabric store, it has a bit of everything for everyone crafty: classes, a boutique, supplies. Why doesn't such a store exist in every city? It seems so logical! If I lived in Dallas, I don't think Julie would ever be able to get me to leave the store. As it is, I don't want to leave the computer, which is silly, I know, as I need my hands occasionally to knit or make jewelry or cook dinner or shoo Mac Daddy to the floor. A girl can dream...

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