Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Apron strings

I learned to operate a sewing machine tonight, thanks to my new pal Sandra Watson. An event planner, she also makes gorgeous reversible aprons and I was keen to learn a new old craft in 2008.

So I went to JoAnn Fabric this weekend and picked up some more of my prairie-meets-the-kitchen-table fabric. As I cruised by the pattern area, I was reminded of looking through giant Butterick pattern books when I was a kid, as I waited for my mom or grandma to finish up at the fabric store. It was sort of magical to find a pattern (illustrated with a groovy 70s style that is still used today) I liked and then look up the packet in the giant drawers. I remember my mom pinning the tissue patterns to far-out fabrics on the living room floor.

I'm ready to pick up where she left off. In addition to fabric, I bought Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing and picked out a cute café apron. Sandra came over with her tote bag filled with sewing machine and various needles, trims, and thread. In an hour and a half (I did all the cutting and pressing last night), I strapped on my new apron. The seams are a bit wonky but I love it. What do you think? Cute, huh?

I can't wait to buy a machine. Anyone got suggestions on what model I should buy as my first sewing machine (please, no Hello Kitty suggestions)? Sandra uses a pedal Kenmore and I have to say, I like the pedal idea. It's old school and will prevent the needle from taking on a life of its own.


Julie McCullough Kim said...

Brother 6000 or 1000. These are great for beginners and also has heirloom stitches, 1 step button holes, multiple feet, SPEED CONTROL!!!!, and many other great features to make your sewing experience fun. The price is right at about 160.00, check online shops for the best price.

-Julie from Make Shop & Studio in Dallas who read your new book cover to cover last night, also from SW Michigan.

Have fun sewing!

Melba said...

so cute! I love aprons. I can sew a little, but I don't have a machine. (onluy a little craft kind that sews paper) said...

I love this apron! She forges yet another frontier of craftiness. I hail thee, Jen.

Loopy said...

I lovvvveeee my Husqvarna Viking Lena Sewing machine! It was fairly inexpensive and really user friendly! (None of that crazy computerized stuff).

It's a good basic model if you're not looking for fancy things (like embroidery emblishments and serging).

Wonderful job on the apron BTW!

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