Thursday, January 24, 2008


Mac Daddy had a checkup today and I was really hoping that Queen Anne Animal Clinic would be able to shed some light on his nightime terrorizing. I consulted with Dr. Westerdahl and my trusty vet tech Kay at length about the problem.

No dice.

The only thing I can try is to banish him from the bedroom every night and hope that I reboot his behavior. Dr. Westerdahl said I might have to close up the bedroom and sleep elsewhere at first, since MD is bound to hurl himself at the door and cry until I open up. And we all know my resolve is for sh*t when it comes to him.

He's also gained two pounds, which puts him at the size of a men's jumbo bowling ball. To shut him up, I've been reinforcing his bad nighttime behavior by giving him extra snacklets. I'm going to have to try to stop this as well and it won't be easy. Kay said that it's like Mac Daddy has played the slots and since he won once, no matter how many times he loses, he's going to keep spinning the wet food wheel. Crap.

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