Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bundt cake love

A few months ago I attended the Midwest Booksellers Association meeting in Minneapolis, where I met Susanna Short, author of Bundt Cake Bliss. We discussed handing down recipes amongst women in a family; she had to really quiz her mother to get the quantities down for each ingredient. Somehow our generation lacks that gene that just automatically knows to add a quarter cup of softened butter to the mix.

Anyway, it got me to thinking how much I love Bundt cakes and how I didn't have a Bundt cake pan.

So I asked for one for Christmas and my brother Chris came through. Here's my third attempt in four days. The first was a cinnamon strudel cake with a cinnamon glaze I made for a baby shower. Yum. The second was a lemon cake for New Year's Eve. It was so-so, but the fresh raspberries elevated it. This is a double chocolate cake with a vanilla glaze and sprinkles.

Next up: rum cake.

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Blakely said...

My mother-in-law gave me a homemade cookbook of all of husband's family favorite recipies. I started to read the cookbook and noticed that there were some major gaps. She is super sweet and when I called to question her on how I was to make a dish her reply was, "I guess I forgot to add that. I have made it for so long that I just know how to make it." Needless to say, we are re-writing all of the recipies so that I can actual make his favorite dishes.

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