Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Drinking it in

After almost 20 years of drinking two cans a day, I gave up Diet Coke the day before Thanksgiving (an endoscopy revealed eroded areas on my esophogus and stomach, which I don't think the pop was helping). I'm not even craving it all that much and I'm really proud of myself for letting go of this signature vice.

However, in the last week, I've started guzzling Crystal Light iced tea. Is this any healthier? Yeah, no caffeine or carbonation is going down the gullet but oh, the aspartame, the sweet, delicious aspartame!


Julie McCullough Kim said...

Ok, I couldn't resist posting twice. Gave up Diet Coke (4-5 a day) in August, tea, water, coffee are my only choices due to aspartame. Found that many drink mixes have switched to sucralose (splenda) now. Try aqua fusion, as of yet, splenda won't kill us.

HistoryMom said...

Your heart is really going to thank you for giving up the Diet Coke but that aspartame really should be avoided. Doesn't the pioneer girl in you want to brew her own ice tea? Mr. Coffee offers a tea-maker that truly makes big batches of ice tea a cinch for modern day pioneer girls. :)

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