Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mod Beauty Squad

I'm spoiled. I admit it and I love it. As part of my gig writing Seattle directory listings for Allure, I have to submit myself to all sorts of beauty treatments.

I adore being a guinea pig.

And I was in heaven last week when Lisabet de Vos, chief glam master of Mod Beauty Squad, made a house call and performed a Super Power Peel facial on me.

I know; I hate me too sometimes.

Anyway, the peel, which used Dermalogica products, was fabulous, gentle but effective. My skin has been getting better and better this week. And I love the Mod Beauty Squad business model: a mobile beauty unit in Seattle that will come to your business or group and perform facials, brow waxes, and airbrush bronzing. For the busy woman (and face it, we are all crazy swamped these days), this makes great sense. The services are excellent and I'm confident that it won't be long before you see a fleet of MBS Smart Cars zipping around your city, estheticians dressed like the hippest retro flight attendant you've ever seen ready to keep you looking polished and pretty.

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Punkinhead said...

What a great idea! Too bad I live in a place where new ideas take a decade to reach us.

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