Monday, March 9, 2009

The real Pearl district...

I spent a great 24 hours in Portland this weekend, where I had a magical, relaxing time talking and crafting with Susan Beal, Michaela Murphy, Diane Gilleland, and Lee Meredith. Susan and her husband Andrew were so lovely and gracious, hosting Michaela and me, and I was just enchanted with her home and her handicrafts, not to mention her sweet baby girl Pearl.

After a fat dinner on Friday night at Sub Rosa to celebrate Susan's new book Button It Up, we all retired to Susan's living room to craft, sort buttons, and pick Diane's brain about Twitter late into the night. Michaela and I happily retired to the guest room and woke the next morning to more delights.

First up, the waffle wagon. Sitting under a tent with a heat lamp and patio furniture, we ordered up our waffles and chowed down. I hoovered a waffle, wrapped like a taco and filled with eggs, rosemary mushrooms, parmesan cheese, sautéed onions, and maple bacon. Holy moley. (The photos are of Susan, the wagon's order window, and my waffle.)

Then Susan zipped us over to the Knittn' Kitten, a craft supply thrift store and one of my favorite places in Portland. I combed through buttons, bins of fabric, vintage patterns, yarn, and all sorts of crafty odds and ends. Heaven. Michaela and I ended the trip with a three-hour coffee klatch on the train. A more civilized 24 hours was never had.

I can't wait to visit Portland and my crafty friends next month, when I return for the Portland premiere of Handmade Nation and Crafty Wonderland. And the waffle wagon, of course.


Heather - CROQZine - Dollar Store Crafts said...

I love Susan, Lee and Diane!! They're such great women. And Knitt'n Kitten is a fun shop!

Michaela said...

Ah, that was heavenly and I have thought more than ten times this week about opening a waffle cart in my backyard! Can't wait til our April excursion!

Darcey Morgan Howard said...

I didn't realize that we just crossed paths. Why does Portland seem so much cooler....??

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