Monday, March 30, 2009

Make Beach Glass Earrings

It was a busy weekend but I still found time to take a breath and do some crafting. It's amazing how I can become laser-focused and calmer when I pull out my chain-nose pliers or knitting needles. My weekend experimentation resulted in these beach glass earrings. Thanks to my Dremel tool, they really didn't take long. I started rocking the Dremel last summer when I was writing Backcountry Betty: Crafting With Style (out this May from Skipstone).

I feel like a serious bad-ass when I flip the switch and start drilling holes in things. And after some experimentation and a special diamond bit, I'm happily drilling beach glass of all shapes and sizes.

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Punkinhead said...

Well thanks a LOT Jen... now I'm going to have to add a new surface to my crafty area so I can drill holes in all the beach glass I brought home from my honeymoon four years ago!! Of course, first I have to find the bags of glass...

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