Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Enjoying small doses of summer

Seeing spots has not kept me from a vigorous social schedule. Along with Jenna, Joey, and Kate, we struck out for the Mariners game last night. While the Mariners are not exactly setting the world on fire, they did manage to take one from the Florida Marlins.

But what do I care? I just went for the food.

Seattlites assume that it's the garlic fries I beeline for. After all, it's garlic + fries. Nothing wrong with that equation. Some assume (because they can see into my soul) that I am dying for a Polish sausage. Good guess, as evidenced by this post. Oh, this one too.

But no, when I go to Safeco Field, I hurriedly walk around the concourse until I find Dixie's Barbeque. Dixie's started as a side business to a mechanic named Gene and quickly earned a following on the Eastside (Bellevue, to be exact). I don't get to Bellevue much so it's a real treat when I can settle down with a barbeque pork or brisket sandwich and get to work. Dixie's has the hottest hot sauce known to man and in fact, the sauce is called "The Man."

And yes, I've met the Man. And it was love at first bite.

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Tez Miller said...

Moose are from states with marinas? I thought they were from Idaho ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)

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