Sunday, June 15, 2008

MRI? Let's get one!

As a few of you know, I've been experiencing weird spots in front of my eyes for nearly a week (let's call it an "aura"), which I finally realized aren't part of a low-grade migraine. After getting checked out my by G.P. and an opthamologist on Friday evening, I had to get an MRI this morning.

This sucked dead bear.

I wasn't claustro or anything but I wasn't able to turn it into a spa experience (which I always attempt to do).

The good thing was that, in the way Carilyn took care of me on Friday night (thanks, lady!), Jessica kept me giggling today. We have been doing "Kelly" impressions all weekend (if you haven't seen Liam Sullivan's shoes video on YouTube, check it out NOW), so it was only natural that, when walking through the basement of Swedish Hospital on a quiet Father's Day morning, we started joking around about the procedure (it beats thinking that I had a mini-stroke). So I really cracked up when Jessica said, "MRI? Let's GET one!" and I responded "This MRI is three thousand dollars. Let's GET it!"

You'll understand why this is funny when you see the video.

Jessica had the bright idea to go to House of Hong afterwards for dim sum. I think my fortune (see the photo above) is right on the money. It definitely knew what I wanted to hear.


Spa Scotta said...

Dim Sum...Let's Get IT!

event girl said...

My friend...I do hope you are well!

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