Thursday, June 26, 2008

Musings from Philly

I've been in Philadelphia just over 24 hours and have had more gin & tonics than I've had all year.

My thought after the third G&T tonight with Melissa at Snackbar:

"Gin & tonics and pickles go together like peanut butter and chocolate."

I suspected I was brilliant. I knew I was happy.

Last night, I was downing them at Coquette with Sacha, Jared, and Brian. I was flirting with Bob the Bartender (same bartender, different bar, as when I tried to come on to the hired help three years ago). Brian, a gifted illustrator, whipped up a sketch for me on the paper tablecloth. Sacha is a brilliant photographer, as evidenced by her portrait of me and her other insightful photographs. Somehow, she managed to see inside my fabulous, mellow (read: drunk) soul.

Tomorrow, New York City. Jared helped me pick out an appropriate ensemble that will withstand four meetings all over Manhattan and a long train ride into Brooklyn.

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Melingo Wagamama said...

Oh my gosh, that portrait of you that Sasha took is just amazing! (I definitely had fun at Snakbar, too!)

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