Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gorge-ing myself

I've been living it up in Southwestern Washington, hanging with my pal Ann and her family. Yesterday, after I had warned Ann that I was seriously out of shape (under-promise and over-deliver, as she likes to say), she took me to the Columbia River Gorge for a 4.6-mile (roundtrip) hike to Angel's Rest. The view was spectacular and, thanks to the Advil I had stowed in my butt pack, I made it almost all the way down before my knees locked up on me.

Today, was all about Portland and crafts, as we met with a couple of crafty authors for breakfast, hit several shops on NE Alberta (namely, Bolt, Close Knit, and Collage), and swung by the launch party for the latest issue of Craft magazine. I almost fell asleep in the chair when we stopped for pedicures on the way home.

Life is pretty great.

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