Friday, April 25, 2008

Small pleasures

Camille came over last night for crafts, Thai food, and a Flight of the Conchords DVD. I needed a small project so I unearthed some cotton yarn and started this dishcloth, from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I think this might be the new gift for friends: a hand-knitted dishrag and some sort of household cleaning product. I am considering knitting a whole passel of them for my mom and throwing her ancient gray dishcloths in the wood-burning stove the next time I'm in Michigan.



Blakely said...

My mom has used knitted dishrags my entire life. I didn't know there was anything else to use. I enjoy giving them as gifts usually I give four at a time.

Blakely said...

I should have added that I don't make the dishcloths, my grandmother does. I asked her what her pattern was, and she said that she didn't have one. She did offer to send you some if you would like. We have been overrun with them.

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