Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A meat and three

I just arrived in Nashville for a Worst-Case Scenario Dating, Sex & College lecture at Belmont University tomorrow night. Nashville is fast becoming one of my favorite cities, for the great music, culture, and yep, food. After wading through an avalanche of e-mails, I headed out to the corner steakhouse for some ribs, mac and cheese, yeast rolls, and sweet tea. Needless to say, I'm slightly illin' right now.

I was happy to see that my favorite "meat and three" restaurant Swett's now has an outpost at the airport. Since I have an evening flight on Friday, I will happily shove some pulled pork and three sides into my piehole.

Until then, I'm going to lunch with another author tomorrow. Ann Shayne is an amazing knitter, blogger, and author. Check out her blog with Kay Gardiner: mason-dixon knitting is the third-most popular knitting blog out there, which is saying a lot. But when you read Ann and Kay's hilarious, faux arch posts, you'll be quick to subscribe to the blog. I'm so excited about seeing Ann that I had a dream about her before I left Seattle. In it, she was wearing a knitted western-wear shirt, complete with fringe. I guess that's how my subconscious imagines a knitting author from Nashville. Go figure. Anyway, I'm looking forward to both lunch and good conversation.

And then I'm hitting a slow food breakfast (I don't know what that quite means, either) on Friday with another writer. Usually my lecture trips involve flying into a remote location, giving a lecture, hitting a drive-thru, and leaving at the ass-crack of dawn the next day. Luckily, I have a bit more time on this trip. I'll be able to savor a pulled pork sandwich or maybe some sweet potato pie at the airport, probably while listening to live music.

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I love the mason-dixon knitting blog. Especially the photos of the hamster. And the epistolary style. We should do something similar for sho'.

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