Sunday, December 23, 2007

The memories keep on comin'

My book signing at Forever Books was a whopping success yesterday, both personally and professionally. My mom and I spent the morning going to 10 places before hitting the signing (hairdresser, party store, Staples, Steve & Barrys, JC Penney, Gordons Food Service, Angelo's liquor store, Rite Aid, Schu's for lunch, and the dime store). I realize that I get my need to be productive and highly scheduled at all times from her. I am a novice practicing at the feet of the master!

Anyway, the signing. Mom was there, of course, but my dad (the photo is of mom and dad—see the resemblance?), stepmom, step-aunt, step-cousins, and step-grandmother all represented. Then Lake Michigan Catholic High School classmates Kelly, Jennifer, and Sheila all showed up to support me. I am truly blessed to have had such cool and caring women in my life, both then and now. Man, I used to love going to Jennifer's (then Jenny Rice's) home in junior high. Her basement was tricked out with a pool table, Intellivision, and some old version of plinko, and her house had a Betamax (we watched Zuma Beach with Suzanne Somers over and over) and a pool. It was a sweet crib.

Anyway, right after the signing, mom scooted me out of St. Joe so we could get back, prep dinner, and get to the Legion for some more socializing and storytelling. I heard a few things about my stepdad that I'm having a hard time blotting out of my mind, but overall it was a good, productive, and highly entertaining day.

Today was spent with my stepfamily, opening gifts and eating. I videotaped my stepbrother Jay talking about his love of the Cubs, and my dad and stepmom talking about their first date and wedding day. With all the activity, it's no surprise I sacked out on the magic sofa until it was time to drive to the beach to check out the wicked whitecaps (the wind has been relentless all day), as well as light displays along the St. Joe bluff and various neighborhoods (some folks can still afford to pay huge electric bills, bless their hearts). Now chilling back at home, I'm finding a moment of quiet. But in the spirit of Midwestern industriousness, I'm finishing up knitting a scarf before turning in.

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