Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Marshalls is for me

I'm visiting friends in Philly right now and the second thing I wanted to do (after eating my way through my favorite dives) was head to Marshalls. Today my dream came true.

Alison and I had about an hour and half before dinner so we hauled ass to a giant Marshalls somewhere in New Jersey. In short order, I snatched some Votivo soap, lotion, and room spray; some madras espadrilles; shorts perfect for the beach, and at the last minute, Paper, Denim & Cloth jeans that hug me in all the right $49.99 places.

On deck for the week are a concert in the park, lunch at the Four Seasons, and a weekend at my favorite place in the world (Rehoboth Beach) with my favorite people.

Is it so wrong that what I'm really looking forward to is the TJ Maxx and the Banana outlet at the beach? Part of it is that is what my best friend Alison and I do. But mostly it's so I can score some sweet deals. I'm still on the hunt for Vitabath.

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