Saturday, August 15, 2009

Changes are afoot

As you can see from the new masthead, I’m tweaking this blog. I initially called it “Prairie Tales,” as it tied in nicely with my book, The Prairie Girl’s Guide to Life. In addition, it conveyed my desire to talk about how I navigate through the world as a crafty urbanite with blue-collar background.

Write about those things I did…and do. But as I and my work have evolved, so too has my focus for this blog. I’m a crafty prairie girl, sure, but I’m a whole lot more. I’m a humorist, a lecturer, an author of wide-ranging nonfiction, and a social media consultant.

Prairie Tales is too limited a focus to convey all the hats I wear. Believe me, my hatboxes contain a whole lot more than a sunbonnet!

To that end, this blog will now be called “Word: The World and Word of Jennifer Worick.” In it, I’ll get into anything and everything that’s on my mind, from publishing and writing, to social networking to crafting, to things that strike my fancy or stick in my craw. And I want to hear from you. "Word" is a great forum to talk about the good, the bad, and the zeitgeisty stuff that intrigues us.

I look forward to the conversation.

1 comment:

Chris said...

I look forward to it, too! Most specifically, lots of sexual inuendo and snide asides about Intelligent Creationists.

Of course, that went without saying.

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