Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NYC crafty storytelling this Thursday

My gifted friends Michaela Murphy and Jeffrey Rudell will be telling crafty tales this Thursday at The Lion Brand Studio in NYC @ 6:00. This show will feature first-time storytellers spinning yarns and it promises to be a fun evening. Seeing as I live across the country, I can't make it but if you're a crafter, you'll dig this.

Check the Lion Brand blog for more details and reservation information.I was with Michaela and Jeffrey this weekend at Maker Faire and will be posting some highlights and insights in the next few days. It was, hands down, the coolest festival/faire/large gathering I've ever attended.

(photo: flickr.com/photos/muggingovercoffee/3530849713/)

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Chris said...

loved Michaela's moth podcast thingie. Haven't heard Rudell.

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