Thursday, May 28, 2009

See you at Maker Faire this weekend

I've been playing in a crafty sandbox for quite some time. I've just wrapped up a year of weekly blog posts for CraftStylish and will be turning my attention to other crafty pursuits.

To that end, this weekend I'll be heading to San Mateo to Maker Faire, the granddaddy of DIY gatherings. You can find me at the Provo Craft booth, showing off all sorts of cool things I've been whipping up with their machines (the shrink plastic necklace I made with the Cricut is redonc it's so cute). I'm also enchanted with the yudu, a screen-printing machine that you can set up in your home. I just printed a favorite Bon Jovi quote ("You live for the fight when it's all that you've got," in case you were wondering) around the hem of a t-shirt. Yes, the t-shirt and the machine are as rad as they sound. Stop by the booth if you're attending—you can get a Things I Want to Punch in the Face t-shirt. Yep, also totally rad.

Stay tuned for news from the Maker Faire floor…


SwinginMartinisDesigns said...

So the Maker Faire is in San Mateo, and I'm sure California has all sorts of cool DYI faires...but I'm here in sad little Idaho - do you know of any cool crafty ANYTHINGS going on here?

Jennifer Worick said...

Well, I don't know where in Idaho you are or how far Spokane is but the Farm Chicks are having their big show this weekend. Check it out:

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