Monday, May 18, 2009

Make party favors for a bridal shower

This week's tutorial has me making seriously cute party favors using Hambly Studios' Rub-Ons (they also make great papers and overlays). They are super easy to use and the results are guaranteed to delight. Here, I sassed up some plain white tea tins.


Darcey Howard said...

Oh! these are sooo cute.

Emma said...

These are adorable! I was able to find some wonderful decals to put on them, however I have been unable to find these tins anywhere! Where did you purchase these tins?

I have a bridal shower coming up and would love to know!
Thank you.

Jennifer Worick said...

I got mine at a tea shop in Seattle:

You could also try googling white tins and see what comes up.

Tracy said...

I always use decals when I am making personalized party favors. It is easy, and they all look perfect (usually!).

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