Monday, February 2, 2009

Crafting Your Personality

What does your chosen craft say about you? This is the question I ponder this week in an essay on CraftStylish. As someone who knits, sews, makes jewelry, whips up lotions and potions, and dabbles in various other handcrafts, I'm certainly a bit ADD, but I'd also like to think I'm traditional, cutting-edge, cool, and earthy, as well as a passel of other great adjectives.

How do you think your craft has shaped your personality or defined you?


Punkinhead said...

I'm figuratively clapping my hands with glee... I LOVE this question! Okay, maybe glee is a pretty strong word...

My primary crafts are sewn, and those sewn things are primarily made from vintage or thrifted materials. I also love to make things (or too often, think about making things) out of other peoples' junk. I think finding another use for things others have discarded means I'm incredibly creative, and also shows my concern for the tipping point of our land fills vs. clean air/water. But mostly, I just love to find "treasures" and find something to do with them because they're too good to let get away.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say I have some true creative bent, but the plain simple truth is I'm incredibly cheap and have this mentality that "oh, I can make that for _____ (amount of money) and in the color I want too! I get a odd kick out of doing this but I can't get the ideas by my lonesome...need a kick start. Love your blog. I am happily married but refuse to celebrate V day too! Hallmark isn't going to tell me what day to be romantic on, ya know? From Jami in Ellensburg

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