Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines

I've been pretty much drooling over my copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines ever since I picked it up. Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne are not only hilarious in that "I want them to be my best friends" kind of way, but they have compiled some seriously gorgeous garments in the book.

Here, in the order that I want to knit them, are my favorites:
  • Baby Dotty Blanket
  • Fern Kids' Sweater (please, I want the grown-up pattern for this one!)
  • Picnic Bag
  • Cardi Cozy
  • Metropole
  • Flapotis
  • Margaret
  • Mitered Hanging Towel
Usually when I get a craft book, I sort of skim the pages looking for the one or two projects that I can actually see myself knitting up. With this book, there is no weak link. I want every single project.

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