Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The bird mobile is up and running

My lovely and talented and beautiful friend Melissa made me this gorgeous bird mobile for my birthday. It arrived last week and I finally managed to hang it today. How cool is this? Seriously? It makes my crib look so stylish.

Check out Melissa's other crafty pursuits on her flickr page.


Melingo Wagamama said...

Happy birthday! I'm glad they made it. Making them balance turned out to be a little tricky, but if you play with the position of the ribbon you might get them a little straighter.

Event Girl said...

I'm in love with the bird mobile.
There - I said it.

Sacha said...

This is so so lovely. Maybe with my new found sewing skills ;-) I could make one for my niece for Christmas.

alisten@mac.com said...

holy cow that's so cool. I'm so jealous. of the owner. of the maker. of the birdies.

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