Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The hits keep on coming

I just received another etsy package, this time from XO Handworks. I noticed that Tam had Nancy Drew pendants on her page and then when I investigated further, I noticed she was using text from my book, Nancy Drew's Guide to Life, on the back. So I immediately ordered up a pendant (she's graciously including a credit line with the pendant descriptions). I also asked her to make me a pendant using a section of map from my hometown of Benton Harbor. Being the heart of the fruit belt, she added a cluster of cherries to the back. I'm wearing the Michigan pendant right now and I absolutely love it, seeing as how all the significant towns are representing on this little piece of map: Benton Harbor, where I lived during high school; St. Joe, where I went to high school; Coloma, where my mom and stepdad now live; Stevensville, where my dad and stepmom now live; and Sodus, the tiny farm community where I spent my formative years B.D. (before the divorce) shucking lima beans and swinging from ropes in the barn. Thanks, Tam!

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Molly's Mom said...

Those pendants are AWESOME!

I just saw a blurb on your Prairie Girls book in the August issue of Country Living magazine, googled you and found out you're from SW Michigan. I grew up in SWM as well, in South Haven. I love the idea of putting that section of the map on a pendant.

Can't wait to get the book!

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