Friday, August 15, 2008

Cabin fever

I spent a few hours today sewing with Michaela. I was champing at the bit to make a pillow out of some log-cabiny fabrics I found last weekend at Boersma's Sewing Center in McMinnville. I'm thrilled with the result. One side is a wood-grain print and the other is a cool mountain map fabric.

And check out the adorable kid's dress Michaela whipped up without a pattern in just a couple of hours (completely lined with muslin).

We both brought out the Brother 6000s. After Michaela tried mine out and found out that it was $139.99 on, she had to get her own to add to her machine collection!


Tez Miller said...

Is there enough room for the cat on that couch, or are the lovely cushions hogging all the space? ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)

Jennifer Worick said...

Ha! It's my bed and the pillows come off at night to make room for Mac Daddy and me!

Heather said...

Great pillows! I saw the post about the fabric store and I was jealous! All that fabric and so many things that could be done with it. The log cabin fabric is super cute.

Spa Scotta said...

The pillow turned out perfectly. I love it.
I signed up for a purse class at The Quilting Loft...they were awesome on the phone.

Sacha said...

Oh this makes me want to sew. In Seattle.

Alexis said...

Hi Jennifer! I am so excited that you visited my blog! I absolutely love your book and will be giving it to many, many people when the holidays roll around. I can't wait to try all the things in it.
I also realized that I have your Action Heroine book, and Mr. Alexander's Four Steps to Love. I am happily married and not actually looking for love, but I went to High School with Alex Stadler!

I'm so glad you let me know about your blog and I'll visit often.

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