Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Pajama Game

I got together today with Michaela Murphy (CraftStylish.com's awesome editor) for a crafternoon. With Michaela's help, I sort of cobbled together a pajama pattern, using this adorable cherry fabric (with rickrack at the hems!), while Michaela whipped out seven pillows with complete nonchalance.

I can't wait for our next get-together, so I can be inspired by Michaela and her home, a wonderful blend of vintage, kitsch, and exquisite taste. It was just what I needed to get creatively rejuiced.


Evelyn said...

super cute

sacha said...

you, my love, make living in Seattle so much more appealing than it already is (which is very!!!).

Anonymous said...

YAY! Hi you two!

Michaela said...

Oh, our crafternoon did me wonders of good--thanks so much for coming over and getting me out of my craft stalemate. For the record--Jen's PJ's are even better in reality, and the fabric is sublime. I was certain that it was vintage but Jen told me she got it at The Quilting Loft here in Seattle. Jen you are the queen of the great find!

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