Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Craft meltdown

I've been in a self-imposed lockdown writing my next book, which is going to be chock-full of inventive crafts. My apartment has been decimated by a craft bomb and I think I'm crafted out for the day. Projects today involved spray paint, fabric paint, nails, nuts and washers, shrink plastic, sand, brown rice, and a variety of top-secret ingredients.

All will be revealed in time. Meanwhile, I'm going to end the day by sanding the soles of my feet with 100-grade sandpaper, and taking a tub with homemade bath fizzies.

Who would've thought that a Dremel tool would ever be on my wish list?


BQuittman said...

Really with the sandpaper? Because that doesn't sound like it would be much fun (although it is undoubtedly cheaper than setting up an aquarium of little foot-nibbling fish.

Jennifer Worick said...

Yep, 80 to 120 grade sandpaper. Cheap and effective. The fish pedi is so weird. So LA!

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