Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crafts and cocktails

After a awesome girly brunch at Amy's bachelorette pad this morning, I scurried home and vacuumed before Sandra came over—with her Kenmore in tow—for an afternoon of sewing and drinks (check out her Go2Girl custom-designed aprons here). After four hours, we were still sewing away and brainstorming book ideas, but we were also doing spot-on impressions of swollen-lipped Daisy on Rock of Love 2.

"I, like, want to be with Bret for ever and ever. Like, why can't he see that? What is the big deal with living with my ex-boyfriend? I have crazy-ass feelings for Bret, not Charles. BRET."

"I want to get down and dirty with Bret. Like, Sin City, HELLO?"

Good times.

Before I drank too much, however, I ironed and cut out pieces for a cute tote bag from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing. I didn't have all the notions I needed so I set that aside and I whipped out another checkbook cover instead.

It was a great Sunday.


Melingo Wagamama said...

This sounds dreamy. I miss hanging out with you on crafty, girly Sundays.

Sandra said...

Ah, yes. Sunday afternoons.... my checkbook cover was clearly a 'girl drink' project!

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