Saturday, March 29, 2008

Talented ladies

I sent out my monthly newsletter yesterday, and one of its great benefits is that my friends drop me e-mails and fill me in on what they are up to. I was just astonished at some of the handiwork that two of my friends are creating.

Melissa Wagner is a dear friend, author, and former coworker from my Running Press days. She started making softies after getting a copy of the aptly named The Cute Book. She has started designing her own softies and they manage to be both adorable and edgy at the same time. Check out her work at her flicker page (she and her husband Chris do really imaginative photo shoots with the little guys). If the link doesn't work, her flickr name is "melingo wagamama". I know; cool, right?

Then there's Evelyn Taylor. Ev has beautifully merged her clay work with an artful jewelry design (and she's an accomplished photographer to boot). She is showing in galleries and shops in the Northeast. You can peruse her wares in her etsy store (she goes by "evinglenside") or on her flickr page. I thought her scarflace was particularly bomb.

Melissa and Evelyn are such an inspiration. I want to think up some seriously cool stuff now but taxes are calling. Grr.

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