Friday, January 23, 2009

Looking forward to Chinese New Year

I'm calling a do-over on the New Year. To that end, I'm looking forward to Chinese New Year, which is Monday, Jan. 26. This is the year of the Ox, and as someone born in the year of the Monkey, I'm encouraged to slow down to Oxen pace, vacationing and paying attention to fitness and health. I should trade in my twittery nature for a more restful one, and use the year to assess where I am with career, health, love, family, and life in general.

That sounds good to me.

What's not so good is the prediction of a hair-raising accident sometime in the spring. That I can do without. That I'm choosing to ignore. At present, I can't bear any more unsettling or upsetting news.

For now, I'm planning on wearing some red on Monday and, in a nice meeting of the Asian minds, I'm painting a mirror red to bring a bit more Feng Shui into my home.

For more information on your Chinese horoscope in this year of the Ox, check out this site. And for more on Chinese New Year, there's always wikipedia.


Emily said...

When you get back from your trip let's have a little candle party to set your new intentions. I am so excited to read this post!

Punkinhead said...

Oh, very cool! I need to set my intentions for the year... Rick and I went through a couple of sessions with a friend of mine in which we wrote our own personal mission statements - I HIGHLY recommend it; especially in the state of mind of cleaning out and preparing for a new year. said...

Love the new year redux.

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