Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beware the Vicodin

Initially, I cursed the Vicodin. Instead of extra-strength Ibuprofin, I accidentally took one this morning for some slight discomfort (residual pain from some recent surgery).

Normally, this gaffe wouldn't be a problem. I could have just laid down and weathered the nausea and drowsiness that ensued. However, I have a few deadlines to wrap up before I leave for the Craft and Hobby Association Convention & Trade Show tomorrow, including a craft tutorial that requires several coats of paint and drying time between coats.

In addition, I went with some friends to a tasting at Seastar, an Asian fusion restaurant opening next week in the Pan-Pacific Hotel. Things did not go well. I was heavy-lidded, nauseous, and overall a hot mess. When I started to slur my speech, I officially became the comic relief. Think of Molly Ringwald's sister coming down the aisle in Sixteen Candles.

Thankfully, things improved as I nibbled on salmon poke and Thai seafood salad. In fact, the food (from Chef John Howie) was absolutely incredible and I can't wait to go back when I'm not drugged up.

But toward the end of lunch, I started to fret about my craft project waiting at home. Thanks to a bit of brainstorming with Leslie Cohan, I came up with an even better idea for my craft project. It's amazing the kind of creativity that is borne out of desperation. I often feel that my creative cupboard is bare but then, when my back is to the wall, I come up with something that I truly love and that can hopefully jumpstart someone else's creativity.

Look for my tutorial Monday morning on CraftStylish, and stay tuned for posts from the CHA convention floor.


Emily said...

at least you headache went away right? and it gave you a new blog post.. sounds like a good day to me!

Shano said...

Vicodin and sushi. Your living nightmare is most people's euphoria LOL

rene descartes said...
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