Friday, September 19, 2008

I did the Puyallup

I love fairs of all kinds but I particularly fancy the Puyallup Fair. I moseyed down there last night with my crafty friend Michaela of CraftStylish, her boyfriend Greg, and his daughter Elliott. As you can see, we did it up right, playing games, cruising through the Hobby Hall, going on rides (well, they went on rides while I played with the settings on my camera), and ate more than we should. Michaela, who has Coney Island as her frame of reference for carnivals and rides, was more than a bit blown away by the fair's cleanliness and courtesy. While I took photos of moving rides, she snapped shots of the Hand Wash Station and the clean eating area.

Regardless, we both brought home a bag of the fair's famous scones. I'm munching on one right now and to paraphrase Jean Girard from Talladega Nights, it tastes of America.

The fair runs through Sept. 21.


Michaela said...

Wow Jen, that was fun last night! I still can't get over the warm hospitality of Puyallup: where the games are tilted in your favor and everyone wins! My mother would not have known what to do with all of her handiwipes (she used to chase us all down (back east) and scream at us not to touch anything!) Thanks for a great and hygenic experience of America!

Sacha said...

How much do I dig these pictures? (sooo much!)

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