Sunday, November 25, 2007

Seattle Magazine excerpts a Prairie project

The December issue of Seattle Magazine features an article on The Prairie Girl's Guide to Life and excerpts the popcorn-and-cranberry garland project, just in time for a rustic holiday. I'm a big fan of downsizing your holidays and creating new traditions. I don't know if you got sucked into shopping on "Black Friday," but there's still time to back away from the mall. (I went poking around in my favorite neighborhood and was rewarded when I ran into Indigo Girl Amy Ray on the street.) Make gifts, buy handmade crafts at a show (such as the Urban Craft Uprising, where I'll be selling Prairie Girl Potions and my crystal rings), or forgo gifts altogether and spend time with friends instead.

And let some activities go. I still feel a pang of lameness for not sending out a hundred holiday cards but I'm using that newfound time to babysit for harried friends, knit, and spend time with loved ones (and that includes myself!). I have to constantly police myself, as it's far too easy to get caught up with shopping, parties, and various "responsibilities" that you can actually chuck. But I'm trying to be aware and not overschedule during a supposedly joyous time.

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