Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Mystery of Massacre Bay

I just got back from Orcas Island with three of my closest friends. We had a marvelous time, tide pooling, spotting otters and blue jays, obsessing over the vivid purple and orange starfish we spied everywhere, hot-tubbing, and willingly falling into carb comas. Jared and I rowed across Massacre Bay to a deserted island we dubbed Skull Island. We roamed all over it, and I channeled my inner Nancy Drew when I found a bit of cloth rolled up in a tree with the cryptic message, "Go to the hobo shack." Let me tell you, Jared and I investigated that island and there was no hobo shack. We were duped!

I didn't mind. As soon as Jared rowed me back to our happily situated rental cottage, Sacha and I drove into town for the farmers' market, where I bought a natural headache remedy, a t-shirt, and some strange but delicious-looking vegetables (lemon cucumbers?). We snacked on fried oysters.

I was in heaven. When we got back to Blackberry Cottage, Alison and I jumped in the hot tub, which overlooked the bay. Later, after dinner and a viewing of Heathers, Jared and I stargazed from the dock, our bellies full of grilled salmon.


I love to be a Backcountry Betty and a Prairie Girl every chance I get and this week allowed me to be a bit of both. I eschewed the makeup, embraced fleece and a bare face, built a fire, talked with locals, looked for wildlife, and learned to love the silence. And I completely forgot about Rock of Love, Britney's meltdown, and things that don't matter.

When I got back to the mainland, I was reminded of it all. But I have the memories of peace, laughter, food, and otters to counteract the white noise. Never underestimate the power of an otter.

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Jared said...

Love the creative retelling...a true amalgam of fact and fiction(at least the timeline). Alas, no hottubbing here. Will have to wait for next foray to the west coast. Love your face.

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