Thursday, September 13, 2007

Affairs of the Art

As an author, I don't usually get to pick the illustrator for my book projects. In the case of Backcountry Betty, that didn't matter. The publisher hired Kate Quinby to create the cover art and spot illustrations for the interior and she was, well, spot on. I was tickled to see her illustrations of owls, raccoons, and Betty herself, tricking herself out for the trail, bathing in a lake, or creating a mud mask out of dirt. And her cover art looks like Nancy Drew getting ready to hunt down some nefarious hikers on the Pacific Coast Trail. If you know me, you'll know just how obsessed I am with this illustration. I can't say enough about how lovely both Kate and her art are. She just headed to RISD for her master's but she's still freelancing and designing a line of illustrated onesies, perfect for the sassy baby. Check out more of her work here.

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