Monday, July 2, 2007

The curse of the rummy

I spent a delightful evening last night playing progressive rummy with a few friends. I stink at cards—I've got no game, no poker face, nothing—but I love it. I started early on, playing high card, blackjack, and poker with my brothers (John, who later became a card dealer in Reno, was a natural from birth). I could never seem to amass any cheap plastic chips for any length of time but I loved to play.

Not much has changed.

Last night I was as unlucky as ever, at least at first. Everyone else was laying down wild cards and sticking me with a full hand of aces and face cards. But I choked back the competitive beast within and tried to stay in the game with a smile on my face. I knew things had to turn around.

And they did. In the last two hands, everything was coming up deuces (the wild card de jour). I didn't end up winning, but the important thing is that I stayed in the game. Now I just need to find another one.

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Jared said...

Ooooooooooooo Rummey. I love Rummey. Hon, I am adoring this blog. Checking it basically every day. Love love loved the Piaaaah one. I am thinking that possibly down the road, this collection could be reformated into a publication!!! Possible title: The blue collar memoir of a prada diva. I am also thinking with your love of Piaaah, why not parlay that into a new project...hmmmmmmmmmm.
love your face. JVA

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