Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Press for The Business of Books

As the year gets under way, I'm contemplating a few meaningful resolutions. Being kinder to myself, pursuing a healthful lifestyle, backing away from Bravo, developing deeper relationships with family and friends, and finishing two massive book proposals. I also want to help you with your publishing aspirations. To that end, Kerry Colburn and I are continuing to bring publishing talks, workshops, and private consultations to Seattle's burgeoning authors. You can find our complete schedule of events here. To learn a bit more about our philosophy behind The Business of Books, look no further than Nicole Brodeur's column in the Seattle Times. She quotes me as saying "There's always room for new book ideas and fresh voices. We're taking back the New Year's resolution as something that's achievable, and does not involve self-loathing." Sounds about right. Kick that cabbage soup diet to the curb and get busy writing. You'll feel better and you won't have hunger pangs.

Now I just have to kick my Real Housewives habit to the curb.

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