Friday, November 27, 2009

Fireside Chat demo and book-signing

Face facts: You'll probably have a headache and few gifts left to buy when December 19 rolls around. Not to worry. Relax as you make last-minute gifts with me (fizzy bath bombs!) and enjoy a cocktail mixed by author Kerry Colburn during this lively evening. We'll also be signing copies of Backcountry Betty: Crafting with Style and Good Drinks for Bad Days—Holiday Edition, which make perfect stocking stuffers and hostess gifts!

Saturday, Dec. 19, 4–5pm
Where: Hotel 1000, 1000 First Ave., Seattle, WA


Tara Jon Manning said...

Wish I was in Seattle! Sounds like massive fun. Glad to see all your great only-from-Jen work happening. Hope we can get closer than cell phones in Cabs in Chicago (6 years ago!!) HHMMM fizzy bath bomb . . . xoTara

Jennifer Worick said...

Tara, we should def try and catch up. I watch your work from afar but agreed, it's not satisfying.

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