Friday, February 22, 2008

I Could Never Be Your Woman: Rent It Now!

Amy Heckerling (of Fast Times and Clueless fame) directed this charming rom-com about a successful, hip, divorced TV producer whose life is full, despite a lack of a man. Michelle Pfeiffer just glows as this forty-something mom but Amy Heckerling, sly thing that she is, makes this a statement on the challenges women face as they age. Heck, even the opening credits show all stages of plastic surgery, lipo, chemical peels, and Botox. To drive the point home, Tracey Ullman plays Mother Nature and shows up throughout to comment on women, aging, and primal instincts.

But the highlight of the film is Paul Rudd as Pfeiffer's twenty-something goofball beau. Paul Rudd has been on my "list" (you know what I mean) for many years and he moved into the number-one position during a prolonged dance sequence where he sampled country-western dancing as well as a bit of Michigan J. Frog's moves. His goofiness unleashes Pfeiffer's wild child; who says growing older has to mean giving up silly string and jumping on the bed?

As a gal in her late thirties who's fallen for a much, much younger man, I found this to be the comedy I've been waiting for since I was offended by the "human tampon" scene in Superbad. Give me more films with a female sensibility.

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