Thursday, October 18, 2007 Q&A

Craft magazine's online blog has featured a Q&A with me about The Prairie Girl's Guide to Life, and is sponsoring a contest to boot. Submit your most creative handmade apron; five winners will be sent a copy of Prairie Girl. Check out the interview, where I share my thoughts on everything from modern design to the importance of undergarments to how downright crafty Laura Ingalls Wilder was. (Apron from Annie's Attic, at Etsy.)


T*mmy said...

I will definitely be back to check out your interview, but for now I wanted you to know I am enjoying your book and that I posted about it on my blog today!

Have a wonderful day!

Loopy said...

I just got my Craft: apron winnings in the mail today!
I love the book! In fact I'm procrastinating by reading it right now...(don't tell Bossman).
Thanks again & Great job!

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